Micrometer Business Culture

The Business Culture of a company explains and decides everything she does.

Customers are not just buyers; they are Micrometer’s business partners

Micrometer believes that “one time business with” cannot support Micrometer to live and develop. Aiming at entering long-term business with customers, Micrometer abide by this rule when doing quoting, sample quoting, quality controlling during order, logistic service, and all other procedures involved in dealing with customers. Micrometer believes when business is good for customers, business is good for Micrometer.

Staffs are not just employees; they are Micrometer’s important treasures

Each order is accomplished and serviced by Micrometer technicians, sales, workers and managements. Micrometer cannot grow or even survive without them. The fair and open incentives can make each employee work happily and efficiently. In some way, Micrometer treats her staff as “internal customers”.

Suppliers are on the same boat with Micrometer

Micrometer only provides metal mesh products. We are also buying a lot of materials for manufacturing, packing, and logistic services, and we buy machines and spare parts to maintain our high efficiency. It is very important to make each supplier know that if they are risking making Micrometer lose customers, for sure they will lose Micrometer.

In case there is a problem, let customers know in time

When there is a problem, letting customers know in time. According to Micrometer experiences, problem does happen in some cases because we are all human beings, and also because there is something out of our control including the influence of the COVID-19. But Micrometer believe most problems can be solved in alternative ways or customers can minimize the lost to the minimum when they get notice from us as soon as it happens. Micrometer understands that problem is a bad thing, but hiding it will make it much worse finally.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

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